HOMME LESS - Documentary

'Follow your bliss but be prepared to live your nightmare!' Mark R. 

First feature length documentary of film maker Thomas Wirthensohn.

This beautifully shot documentary captures raw and unfiltered a moment in time, our time, and raises the question of how far we are, ourselves, away from loosing everything, even our homes? How often do we have to pretend that all is good in order to keep up the facade of a well off member of society? And how far do we go to take the financial pressure off our shoulders to live a more carefree live, the live that we want to live? 

Mark R. stands lost and alone in the midst of eight million dreams, balancing between the glamorous frontside of vibrant and inspiring New York City and it’s far from glamorous hidden backyard. He is the Homme Less. 

Shot between 2011 and 2013. 

Coming soon!





Video about an inspiring  school project in Sri Lanka.  Founded 1995 as a 'social sculpture', a concept created by Joseph Beuys, it educates more than 1000 children.   






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